Wirepulling Simplified

Simple, small and lightweight, take wYerBox™ with you on any job for the perfect pull.

The wYerBox Story

We HATE wasting wire

Spend an hour pulling wire through conduit and you’re almost guaranteed to get a tangle. Now you have to stop working and get off the ladder to untangle the spools.

The wYerBox instantly solves that problem by providing a smooth pull of wire every time.

The only problem worse than frustrating tangles is wasted wire. Spools get cracked and damaged in the back of trucks and every job, money is wasted on wire that ends up in a dumpster.

Savings from ONE JOB pays for the wYerBox. Contribute today and save thousands of miles of wire from this awful fate. The wYerBox protects your wire spools AND ensures you get 100% of the the wire EVEN FROM DAMAGED SPOOLS

An Unfair Advantage

The wYerBox is 35+ years in the making, designed by electricians for electricians. Career electrician of 39 years, Carlos Arce realized how awful hand held wire caddies are. He began designing a tool with simple goals in mind:

  • something to protect valuable wire spools
  • something to prevent tangles when pulling wire
  • something easy to carry and store on a truck

After figuring how much money he was wasting by throwing away broken spools and stopping work to untangle wire, he realized, “Cheap tools actually cost a fortune!

Carlos was throwing away about $1500 a year in wire. Conservatively guessing 20 minutes a day spent untangling wire, he realized over $1400 was being spent on labor.

That’s over $2900 a year in wasted wire and time

Weighing only 11.5lbs empty, the wYerBox carries 3-spools of #12 AWG or 2-spools of #10 AWG. Cracked or damaged, they still pull with ease. The wYerBox makes the job of every electrician easier. Start saving time and wire by reserving your wYerBox today!

“I’ve been an electrician for 39 years and I designed the wYerBox™ because I was sure there had to be a better way of pulling and installing wire.

Not only do electricians spend hours on every job untangling, replacing and re-spooling wire, they also throw away hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in wire just because the spools break. I’ve designed the wYerBox™ to fix ALL of that.”

– Carlos Arce, Inventor and CEO


No jams, no tangles, just smooth flowing wire every time!

Broken spools, tangled wires, bent feeders and other challenges can make the most patient professionals scream. The wYerBox™ solves all these problems with as little effort as a simple pull of a wire.

Just slide up to three spools (no matter how damaged) into place, feed the wire through the precision-engineered openings, and start pulling wire like never before. No jams, no tangles, just smooth flowing wire every time!

Sale Price:

$79.00 $149.99


Height: 18″  Width: 20″  Length: 36″

Weight (empty): 11.5 lbs   Weight (full): up to 48 lbs

Holds (3) 12 gauge AWG spools

-OR-    (2) 10 gauge AWG spools